First Look!: A Voice in the Darkness

January 31, 2011 at 5:46 am | Posted in Excerpts, Updates On My Fantasy Novel, Writing | 5 Comments

Today I am excited to finally share with you a very brief excerpt from the novel I have been working on the past 8 years. The text is a very early draft, so no where near finished. There will most likely be significant changes made to it before the full book is released, but I wanted to give everyone a short glimpse into how it’s shaping up and I am interested to hear what your feedback is. So please enjoy it and hopefully I can post some more polished excerpts on here soon. (Hopefully an action sequence next time.)

To set the stage, this passage is taken from what is currently the 7th chapter of the book and takes place right around the close of the first act. One of our heroes, Cirac, has recently been captured by enemy forces and is being lead to the prison fortress of Borrain were he is sure to face a swift execution.

There are plenty of places and things that are not described in detail in this excerpt which will be foreign to you. I can only offer a few brief descriptions which will come off a bit cliche and will not do justice to the complexities I have woven into the story, but I’ll save that for another time.

These are the few basic things you should know:

The Aerie: “The children of eagles” The aerie are the main race in my tale. They have large eagle like wings and stand two to three feet taller than the average human.

Axion: The capitol of the Axonion Empire of the aerie. The empire has fallen at the outset of the story, creating the toxic environment from which our conflict arises.

The Skeletar: The immortal half decomposed former human race in this story.

The Wraith: Shadowy beings that now control the Axonion Empire. Possessed of great power, they have given the aerie back the immortality that they once possessed, but as with everything, it comes at a great price.

That should do you for now. Please enjoy the excerpt! Continue Reading First Look!: A Voice in the Darkness…


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