The 10 Greatest Spurs of All Time

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Top Ten Greatest Spurs of All Time

A little over a week ago, right after Kobe Bryant passed Shaq on the all time points list, I happened to be listening to Colin Cowherd on the radio and of course, Kobe’s place on the list of all time Laker greats came up.

During this conversation, Colin mentioned the fact that if you were to construct a roster of all time Laker greats in their prime, you would have people like Jerry West coming off the bench. He correctly pointed out that with any other NBA team (except possibly the Celtics), if you were to try to construct an all time team out of their players, by the time you got to the 6th or 7th player, you would find yourself playing relative no names or role players off the bench.

This of course got me thinking. What would the Spurs “All-Time In Their Prime” Team look like? How good would they be? Where would they rank on a list of other franchises All-Time Teams?

I had the feeling they wouldn’t fair all that badly, so I compiled a list to prove it.

Before I got started, I had to set up parameters. In order to qualify for this list, each player had to have played for the Spurs for at least 5 years and at least two of those years had to have come during that player’s prime (between the age of 25-32).

After several days of compiling stats and considering the merits of championships won verses all-star appearances and all-NBA honors here is the list I came up with. Continue Reading The 10 Greatest Spurs of All Time…


Back and Better Than Ever!

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I figure after half a year of no posts and almost a full year since I really did anything close to resembling regular posts, you have probably rightly assumed that this is one of the millions of fad blogs that pop up every year and quickly disappear…you might be right.

So believe me, I understand your skepticism when I say that I’m back and I plan on staying, but I have a good reason!

Monday Monday

Here is a random picture that has nothing to do with anything, but wordpress said was relevant to my post. (Photo credit: soonerpa)

You see, it has been a crazy year. I finally got a half-way decent job in the entertainment industry. I made big inroads on my novel only to crash and burn as the rigors of my new job started to take there toll. I continued to delve into my strengths and weaknesses and discover more and more that I am not what my grandiose ideas about myself might incline me to believe. I took a sizable step forward in my relationship with God then, only weeks later let everything I thought I’d learned and all the discipline I thought I had instilled into my life evaporate for no good reason. I also, thought I was moving for the first time towards pursuing a serious relationship only to have it all fizzle up before it ever began. Continue Reading Back and Better Than Ever!…

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