This novel brought to you by…Starbucks

January 25, 2011 at 8:10 pm | Posted in Updates On My Fantasy Novel, Writing | 1 Comment
Starbucks Shinbashi YM

I get 25 creative ideas per Venti (A friend of my gets 36, but he gulps a Trenta) - Image via Wikipedia

If I ever wind up finishing my novel (and get published), I need to reserve a space at the front of the book for a special thanks to Starbucks, Coffee Bean and caffeine in general.

There is absolutely no way I can make it through all the late night writing sessions with out it.

So thank you for your stimulating power oh dark beverage of creativity. You shall not go unacknowledged!


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  1. " But the &q;qoumagic&tuot;, as with so many of these trends, is not in the speaker, it's in the audience"Ha ha! Great, Daniel, perfectly nailed. I laugh, because when I worked in marketing in the music business on a number of big artists, I used to pretty much say this to the team working for me…it's so true.

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