First Look!: A Voice in the Darkness

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Today I am excited to finally share with you a very brief excerpt from the novel I have been working on the past 8 years. The text is a very early draft, so no where near finished. There will most likely be significant changes made to it before the full book is released, but I wanted to give everyone a short glimpse into how it’s shaping up and I am interested to hear what your feedback is. So please enjoy it and hopefully I can post some more polished excerpts on here soon. (Hopefully an action sequence next time.)

To set the stage, this passage is taken from what is currently the 7th chapter of the book and takes place right around the close of the first act. One of our heroes, Cirac, has recently been captured by enemy forces and is being lead to the prison fortress of Borrain were he is sure to face a swift execution.

There are plenty of places and things that are not described in detail in this excerpt which will be foreign to you. I can only offer a few brief descriptions which will come off a bit cliche and will not do justice to the complexities I have woven into the story, but I’ll save that for another time.

These are the few basic things you should know:

The Aerie: “The children of eagles” The aerie are the main race in my tale. They have large eagle like wings and stand two to three feet taller than the average human.

Axion: The capitol of the Axonion Empire of the aerie. The empire has fallen at the outset of the story, creating the toxic environment from which our conflict arises.

The Skeletar: The immortal half decomposed former human race in this story.

The Wraith: Shadowy beings that now control the Axonion Empire. Possessed of great power, they have given the aerie back the immortality that they once possessed, but as with everything, it comes at a great price.

That should do you for now. Please enjoy the excerpt! Continue Reading First Look!: A Voice in the Darkness…


This novel brought to you by…Starbucks

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Starbucks Shinbashi YM

I get 25 creative ideas per Venti (A friend of my gets 36, but he gulps a Trenta) - Image via Wikipedia

If I ever wind up finishing my novel (and get published), I need to reserve a space at the front of the book for a special thanks to Starbucks, Coffee Bean and caffeine in general.

There is absolutely no way I can make it through all the late night writing sessions with out it.

So thank you for your stimulating power oh dark beverage of creativity. You shall not go unacknowledged!

Belief in God

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Believing in an invisible God who more often than not chooses to work through the natural as opposed to the supernatural is one of the greatest acts of faith that God asks of us in this scientific age.

(Edit: Please know that this was not written in bitterness. It’s not really that I question the existence of God, but more that I question his methods.)

I might even argue that it is the hardest thing to ask people to believe in. For once you believe that God does in fact exist, it is easy enough to believe that he would send a son to earth, love us, or even die for us. If he exists, he can be and do anything, he’s God after all. So if he exists of course he could send his son to earth, love us and die for us.

It is the solid, beyond a doubt, no way to deny it, proof of his existence that so often infuriates me (and I feel most likely other Christians as well.)

For if he exists, then he deserves our everything and it would be beyond foolish for anyone to not worship, trust, and follow hard after him. However, more often than not, we pray for days on end for God to move, and for all we can see, he doesn’t. Morning after morning, we ask for direct guidance from him and save for the very rare occasion when God chooses to use an audible voice or send down a fiery angel (neither an event which I have experienced personally), we receive no clear answer. Quiet time after quiet time, we pour diligently through scripture asking that it’s words might come alive to us, and usually we just look at it and scratch our heads and then figure out what seems to make logical sense to us, a conclusion that we probably could have come to on our own with out divine revelation from God.

And so I ask, like so many doubting Thomas’ before me, why oh Lord do you choose to work through natural means, why do you remain silent and distant even from the open and seeking heart? Why would you at most whisper at those you seek a deep relationship with, those who honestly are seeking that relationship as well?

It is enough to make those of lesser faith and lesser determination doubt your very existence, so why do you test those who remain faithful like this?

It’s infuriating.

What are your thoughts on the subject? What have you learned or seen that keeps your faith strong despite the silence?

I am not looking for logical, patented Sunday school answers here (I can recite those myself and more often than not, these answers are given to shut-up rather than cultivate or further the discussion and often don’t really satisfy the asker’s questions), I want you to wrestle with it deep down. I want you to ask yourself why you believe what you believe and why God seems so silent sometimes. If he wants a deep personal relationship with each of us, why doesn’t he speak up when we call out to him?

(I am sorry if it appears to some as if I am pushing people into doubt and disbelief, that is not my intent. I simply feel that unless you have asked yourself these questions honestly and struggled with them openly instead of shrugging them off or trivializing them, then I don’t think you can have a deep faith or a real profound trust and belief in God, let alone a relationship with him.)

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