A Whole New World

December 3, 2010 at 4:00 am | Posted in Updates On My Fantasy Novel, Writing | 1 Comment

Don’t worry noble readers, this is not a nostalgic post about ’90s era Disney movies. This is a post about fantasy writing, and why it is so damn hard.

Last week, when I decided to start taking writing seriously again, my first task was to decide what to focus my writing time on. I have quite a few projects at different stages varying from not finished to barely begun. ( I actually have projects that I am excited about that are just a title scribbled on notebook paper.)

Despite having two scripts that are in the not finished pile as opposed to the barely begun, I chose to focus my efforts on my pet project, my behemoth. It’s the project that I always set aside in favor of less ambitious projects, yet always return to, because, quite honestly, all my best ideas go into it.

The project is an epic fantasy novel that I started in 2004 and have been putting off writing ever since. I have a lot of material collected for the project and about 50 pages written, but I have never jumped head long into writing it, mainly because the project was always too daunting.

You see, I believe fantasy (and to a lesser extent sci-fi) is the hardest genre to write.

Why, you ask? Because in fantasy, you aren’t just creating characters and events and placing them into the world, you’re creating the world! Continue Reading A Whole New World…


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